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Deelicious Discordia [TaStY ChAoS]

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Some More about myself, and Contact Info

Born on Boomtime, Confusion 21, YOLD 3151....

I am High Priestess Deelicious Discordia: Lone Emperess of the Sacred Candy Mountain, KSC; Episkopos of Tasty Chaos; from Oreotic Heart of Gold via HHG2TG.


You Believe (or don't believe, I don't care.)

Glory bee to Eris!

Do you have comments or questions? Would you like to send me praise, accolades, lemonade, cool Discordian Stuff? Money? (hey, I'm broke. So Sue me.)
Please get in touch!

Email Me
I'm also HopefullAmnesia on AIM.


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