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Deelicious Discordia [TaStY ChAoS]

Linkus Discordius

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Discordian Links I Like The official Wikipedia definition of Discordianism I thought this was fitting. Check out the rest of the site...very cool pictures and crazy ramblings. If you don;t feel like downloading the PD, you can read the HTML version here. It;s the best one I;ve seen so far on the web. But don't believe everything you read :) The proud, yet humble home of POEE (Paratheo-Anametamystikhood Of Eris Esoteric). Add a comment. Add a Pope/saint/whatever. Random Discordianism jam-packed on a site. Lots of broken links here, though.... A must have. Generate your very own, personalized Pope card to pick up chicks/dudes, impress your friends, or confuse/scare the Jehovah Witnesses This site is pretty much, in fact, I stole all the downloads from there, and most of the links :-P Random Fnords. What? Just click and see for yourself :)

Other Sites

ChAoS tHeOrY My new business Myspace...check it out!
Myspace Well, My page, anyway
My Blog The whenever-updated happenings of My Life
My Poetry Site Shameless plugging, I know :)
Google This is THE only search engine that matters :)
Bejeweled This game is hella addictive. Try Bejeweled 2
The Onion The best News Source around.

If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!


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