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Deelicious Discordia [TaStY ChAoS]


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"If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then disorganized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe."

My Take on Fnord
In life, there are no accidents,

no coincidences.

There are no such things as random encounters-

evrything happens for a reason.

Except Fnord, of course.

What IS Fnord?

It is and it isn't, and just by asking WHAT it is therein lies the answer.

Ask the Illuminati, ask a Christian

You'll get two different answers.

Ask two different Discordians, and you'll get a

Blank stare, perhaps

Or maybe a million different things that will leave

You befuddled.

Fnord is...

the stale crusts of bread on an otherwide perfect sandwich,

a coffee cup with carmelized coffee-sugar on the bottom,

A bright blue, cloudless sky that smiles as it drenches the earth,

A rabid rabbit,

A footless dancer,

A paradigm,

A cat o' nine tails with five whip-tips,

A pair of five-inch, glittery purple heels,

A contradiction, a loop-hole

A lewd, offensive joke.



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