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Deelicious Discordia [TaStY ChAoS]

What I did When I Found the Goddess

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Here's the story of my conversion...

You know, for years and years I have searched for a religion to fill the voin within myself...I was chrisened a Catholic, then became an Agnostic.


One day, I was helping my sister Ash by searching for mythology on Google...

And stumbled upon a Goddess I've always been interested in:

Eris (or Discordia, her Latin translation).

She has had quite the following.

A religion based on Chaos...just makes sense. And the fact that it has no clear doctrine makes it even better. A religion that doesn't claim to be the see-all, know-all, has no pretenses, and has no clear definition...?

It's more of a religious satire than anything else...But it makes sense, and I love it! I am thrilled to pieces....

And so i thought, this is so me.

And I have embraced it wholeheartedly.


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