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Deena's Poems

The Stalker
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My first short story. Have mercy on me, Plz.

She looks at her watch again.

It's 10:47.

She's been waiting for exactly two hours, at her precise count.

She glances at her watch again. Still 10:47.

She sighs and rubs her neck. Reaching over to the cupholder in her car, she takes a sip of her now flat Coke, bought on campus hours ago. She turns on the radio, and flips to her favorite station, which was on a seemingly long commecial break. She turns it off. You can only listen to but so many Geico commercials, after all, she thought wryly.

God, but these long trips stretched out endlessly...

She takes out her cellphone-no, she shouldn't call; he'll just ignore it.

Like he always does.

Why do I keep torturing myself? The rhetorical question bounces around in her head until it finally escapes as a low, guttural growl, echoing in the car. The end result of pain escapes in frigid breaths clearly visible in the cold car.

She is patient, oh so patient, as she continues her vigil in front of his apartment building.

Ahh, she thought as she glanced a final time at her watch, 11:02. He should be on his way home at this very moment.

Jason. Known more affectionately as JW, or Jay as he is more often called.

To her, however, he's hers and hers alone.

She knew his schedule by heart, and well she should; they went out for a whole year and broke up just about as long ago.

She sighed just thinking about their whilwind relationship...

Bright lights in her rearview mirror interrupt her train of thought. A bright blue sedan pulls up, passes by her car.

A tingle of excitement runs through her as the familiar car with the familiar bumper stickers parks a few spaces down from her.

Click, click. Slam. A groan, some rustling, and footsteps.

She slides down in her seat slowly, so he wouldn't see her. While sliding, she accidentally presses the horn....

"Beeeeeeep.........." The horn resonated in the dark, and he pauses.

She freaks out and ducks her head, just in time as he looked in her direction. He looks closely at her car, but then shrugs and heads towards his building. She hears the door click when he goes in, and she drives away.

Another steakout gone well, she thought with satisfaction as her car turned the corner.

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