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Deena's Poems

Just Damn it All!
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Just Damn it all!

Damn those bright green-hazel eyes
That took me by surprise
And swept me off my feet.

Damn the Starbucks
Which made you laugh
And made you hold my hand

Damn the snow,
Which made you take me home early
And made us kiss in front of my lobby.

Damn Prospect Park
And the lights that would come on after we'd walked under them
And we thought that we were so lucky.

Damn my apartment's kitchen
Where we'd kissed so passionately
And we both said "I love you" while my mom was in the other room.

Damn my elevators
Which we never wanted to come take you away
And instead we'd kiss and would keep pressing the button for an hour.

Damn the computer,
Where I'd write you long winded, random emails
And would get your happy responses.

Damn my fucking cell phone,
Where we'd talk for hours on end
And we'd talk 'til 7 in the morning even though I had school in a few hours.

Damn your affection
Which took over me like an infection
And blinded me to things I should have seen...


Your lips,
Your caresses,
Your hugs,
Your kisses,
Your thoughts,
Your dreams,
Your light,
Your fire,
Your "love",
Your promises,
Your lies,
Your non-commitance...





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