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Deena's Poems

My Haikus
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My Haikus

Walking through the woods
I hear the trees are talking;
Infinite wisdom


In the park I see
Trees and shrubs covered in snow
Winter reigns again


In the wintertime,
Things are dead under the snow
But still, life seeps out

I’m afraid to love again
And I don’t know why…
Chaos and confusion reigns.
In the midst of scattered words 
an idea comes--
more a writer than a thinker.
To exercise one's freedom
One must only shout:
All hail Eris and Discord

Summer comes in sticky clouds
Hot and humid days
Makes me glad for AC'd nights

Broken hearts and busted dreams--
All Remnants of you
Never again will we be.


Rainy days are hard to bear
Except when you’re near
Let it rain a thousand nights.


Behind these brown eyes of mine
Lies a thousand things
Wouldn’t you care to know them?


As I sit and type Haiku
Thinking of you here
How can I fit that in lines?


Depression’s the enemy
But where is the cure?
Inside my heart, I know where...


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