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Deena's Poems

Learning to Let Go
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Learning to Let Go

As I bid good riddance to someone, Adieu!
I stand back, and memories start anew.

I can't call out to say goodbye
Still thinking how time passes by...

Yesterday we were wild and free
Thinking how great our lives would be

Today you're leaving, all askance,
Not even trying to take a chance

All that passion, all for naught!
Just look at all the havoc you've wrought!

Leave me to my mortal wounds
Just ignore the ghastly sounds

Just keep going, don't turn back
It took TOO long to see you pack---

Emotional baggage all set and ready
Walk slow now! Nice and steady

Heading towards a new life
Maybe even a little wife

Don't worry about me, I'll be fine
'Cause in the end, I always get mine.

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