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Cool Places to Go

A Features Blurb from The Kingsman

Have some free time on your hands??

Letting the winter blues get to you?

Need something to do Friday night/after your lame Thursday class?

Then check out some of these cool, fun (yet inexpensive) places and things around the city!

Wollman Rink: Wollman Rink is Prospect Park’s own ice skating rink! It’s a fun thing to do in the winter. Wollman is best accessed through the Parkside/Ocean Avenue entrance or the Lincoln Road/Ocean Avenue entrance. You can take the Q, S, or B Train to Prospect Park station
ˇ Adults: $5
ˇ Children (14 and under) and Seniors: $3
ˇ Skate Rental: $5

Laser Park: The best (and largest) laser tag arena in NYC. Come here to beat your friends in a variety of arcade games, or (of course) kick their butts in a VR world. It is located on 163 W 46th St. Just take the 1,2,3,9,N,R,W,B,D,F,V,Q,A,C,or E train to Times Square, and walk up.

Pete's Candy Store: Pete's Candy Store is on the outskirts of Williamsburg. It is an interesting place; they feature special attractions such as a reading series, a quiz-off (similar to Jeopardy, and you can win prizes!), bingo, and scrabble contest! They also serve sandwiches and drinks. There is live music every night, and never a cover charge! It is located at 709 Lorimer Street - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

(718) 302 – 3770

Knitting Factory: A very famous venue in NYC. Here, you can hear all kinds of music, from Indie rock to Soca and world music. Cover charge is usually cheap ($5-$15). 74 Leonard Street New York, NY 212-219-3132

Ever wanted to see a Broadway show for reduced, reduced price? Well, head down to They have tickets for shows as low as $10!

Then of course we have private museums (as opposed to the public “pay-whatever you want” museums) that have free nights:

The Whitney Museum of American Art (Friday nights are free!) It’s located at 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street. You can take the 6 train to 77th street or call 212-570-3676 to ask for directions.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim (Fridays from 5-8 is pay what you wish!) It’s located at 1071 Fifth Avenue (at 89th street). You can take the 4, 5, or 6 trains to 86th Street or call 212-423-3500 to ask for directions.

The Museum of American Folk Art is free! It’s located at 45 West 53rd Street. You can take the B, D, F, V trains to 47th-50th Streets at Rockefeller Center, or call 212-977-7170 for directions.

The Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design, (Tuesday evenings are free!) It’s located at 2 East 91st Street. You can take the 5, 6 trains to 96th Street or call 212-860-6868 for directions.

Want a cool place to eat? I highly recommend Yaffa Café, located at 97 St. Marks in Manhattan. The food is cheap, the people are colorful, and the atmosphere is great. Plus, where else do you get a free condom with your change?? You can call (212) 674-9302 for directions.

Hope everyone finds something they might want to do! Look forward to some more cheap (yet cool) places to go (and things to do) when you’re not in school!

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