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Floydina's Writing Portfolio

New Looks for the Spring and Summer!

A Fashion Blurb from my Kingsman Days

New Looks for the Spring and Summer!

I know I am not the biggest fashionista in the world.

Hell, if I were called trendy, I would be insulted.

I have my own unique style, and while I do buy so-called “fashionable” things, I wear them in my own way and make them look funky and unique. But, since I know we have quite a few fashion mavens and fashion disasters on campus, I decided to do a little piece on new trends coming up. Hope you enjoy!

(With much help from:,, my best friends, and all the stores listed below!)

The Big Skirt

Remember the '50s and all the big skirts? Well, they haven't gone to fashion heaven. They're back and better than before.

Suggested Ways to Wear:

For a traditional look, pair with a fitted jacket or cardigan to show off the waist.

Show your bohemian side with a gauzy tiered circle skirt worn with an armful of bracelets and embellished sandals.

Go funky with a vintage T, big tulle-trimmed skirt and shrunken blazer.

Skirt shown (“Lux Satin Batik Stitched Skirt”) is from Urban Outfitters, $48.

The Wedged Sandal

Who said you always have to wear painful stilettos to look magnificent? Not only are wedged shoes comfortable, they are the hottest trend in fun shows right now.

Suggested Ways to Wear:

Pull off a classic look by wearing your wedges with basic long shorts and a button-up.

Show your bohemian side when you wear a mid-calf flowing skirt and a linen top matched with wedges that have rope or cork on the heel.

Accentuate your sexy side with a party-perfect floral dress and lace-up wedges.

Wedges shown (“Bounty”) are from Steve Madden, $59.95.


Gaucho pants are no longer just for the cowboys of Brazil. Also called culottes, women through the decades have loved this skirt/pant combo for everything from sports to fashion.

Suggested Ways to Wear:

Gauchos look great with tall boots, flat sandals or wedges.

They can be dressed up or down and they'll also look a bit edgy since this is a retro look.

Like the fuller-bottomed skirt, gauchos require a fitted top (either a close-fitting jacket, shrunken twinset or a fitted T).

Gauchos shown are by Necessary Objects and can be found at for $42.


Feeling uneasy about your new halter or strapless top? Add a shrug on to your outfit; it will add a hint of sophistication while maintaining your girlish style.

Suggested Ways to Wear:

Don't be tempted to wear with just a regular T-shirt. Instead, layer over a dressier top (thin layering T-shirts or a camisole).

Wear a vibrant color underneath your neutral-colored shrug to make your features stand out.

Shrug shown (“sequined cap sleeve shrug”) is by Gap, on sale at the website (!) for $19.99.

Short Shorts

Legs. You should have some after the long winter of hiding them in pants. Show them off in the revival of short shorts. They are also known as “Daisy Dukes,” named after a character on Dukes of Hazard, which is being remade with Jessica Simpson (coincidence? I think not…)

Suggested Ways to Wear:

Feeling preppy today? Wear a button-up, 3/4 sleeve sweater with basic color short shorts and Keds (or Vans, even!).

Wear a bright tunic and embellished sandals to top your outfit with your short shorts for that funky, Boho look.

Shorts shown (“AE Surplus Pocket Short”) are by American Eagle Outfitters, $24.95 on website.

Bermuda Shorts

If short shorts are back, then so are Bermuda shorts. Also known as long shorts or walking shorts, Bermuda shorts are one of the hot spring and summer fashions. They're not super short as “Daisy Dukes”, and they're not as long as your much-loved crops or the new gaucho pants. They are just in-between.

Suggested Ways to Wear:

Pair with a matching blazer for a suited look.

If you’re more into the traditional look, try wearing a basic T with a cardigan and ballerina flats.

Create a Boho style by wearing a linen top tied in the back and jeweled sandals.

Bermuda shorts shown (“Women's Roll-Up Bermuda Shorts”) are by Old Navy, and are $24.50.

Ballet Flats

The perfect look for cropped pants, full skirts and long shorts is the ballet flat.

Suggested Ways to Wear:

Wear ballet flats with capris, knee-length or tiered skirts, and long shorts.

Flats look best when you show some leg, so skip wearing them with long jeans (unless you roll the leg into a deep cuff).

Skip hose or tights and wear with a bare leg for the freshest look.

The Indian-styled (embroidered) flats seem to be all the rage so far for the spring.

The ones shown here are from Urban Outfitters, $28

And of course we can’t forget about accessories. Long necklaces and anything funky, chunky, and shiny are definitely in!

Sequined purses are selling like mad in SoHo. Why pay SoHo prices (anywhere from $45-$150 in those snotty boutiques) when you can pick up a cool one from Old Navy at more than half the price? Bag from Old Navy, $14.50

Shell jewelry is really big now. Here are some nice shell earrings from Claire’s, $6.50.

No one would be complete without a long beaded necklace. You can buy them in stores (they range from about $15-$40 at Urban Outfitters and other places), but it would be cheaper to buy them from a street vendor.

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