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War on Fat

Essay on Obesity and its Negative Repercussions and Connotations

Forget the War on Terrorism (as if who could..)!

There is a nationwide war on fat!

And who are the leaders? General Atkins, Lieutenant South Beach, and Commander in Chief U.S Pharmaceutical companies (all rolled into one—they make billions of dollars off of poor suckers every year.). And who is paying the proverbial piper?

People like me. People who have been fat (yes, I said FAT. Not “voluptuous”, “big Boned”, or any other euphemism for fat) for most of their lives, that are healthy and/or proud to be fat. I can hear some of you already: “oh, just because you don’t have hypertension/diabetes/heart problems now, doesn’t mean you won’t get any in the future. Being overweight is a major risk” That may be true, but what about skinny people? Skinny people are just as prone to heart disease and hypertension—in fact; many skinny people are diagnosed with so called “obesity-related” diseases every year.

The diet industry has made trillions of dollars since the 80’s. in the 80’s, there was a huge diet fad, because of the high number of so-called obese adults in the 70’s (about a fourth of American adults were overweight back then). I’m sure many of you can recall seeing loads of infomercials with Tony Little, and Chuck Norris late at night. Exercise tapes and treadmill sales soared. It has never really died down, of course. Every day, there is a new diet pill, diet plan, exercise machine, or lose-weight-without-exercise plan coming out. But lately, the cacophony has gotten to an all time high. It’s gotten so bad that the government wants to get involved.

So, you might be asking, what has brought on this sudden onslaught of “fat awareness”?

“The federal government’s survey data indicate that two-thirds of American adults are overweight, up from a quarter in the late 1970s. The overweight category includes the obese, which represented more than 20 percent of adults in 2001, compared to 12 percent a decade earlier.”

“A report by the U.S. Surgeon-General states that 61 per cent of Americans are now significantly overweight compared with 55 per cent in the early 1990s and 46 per cent in the late 1970s.”

And furthermore:

“A recent analysis by researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) attributed 400,000 deaths a year in this country to "poor diet and physical inactivity…Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson emphasized that "poor eating habits and inactivity are on the verge of surpassing tobacco use as the leading cause of preventable death in America."

Don’t believe me?? Anyone that wants the links to the article can email the Kingsman, and I will be happy to pass them along.

The war on fat finally gives Phillip Morris a reprieve (but then again, Phillip Morris owns Kraft Foods (who makes a lot of junk food). And with all these people suing McDonalds and all these fast food moguls, they can’t be feeling too good. They already owe $500 Billion to people that have sued them for getting lung cancer from their cigarettes. So never mind!

We are being told that we are experiencing an “obesity epidemic”. Every week there is a new article, a new study, a new diet. Morning news programs and magazines propagate these things and back them with personal stories and offers for weight loss products that can “change one's life”. As if being fat was ever contagious, right? If it was like that, society would go full-hog (no pun intended), and treat us like lepers.

There always seems to be someone on Night Line or any of those other nightly talk shows with some expert or another. Hell, they even have government officials spouting trash about the “obesity epidemic”. As if wonders never cease. So what do these politicians propose to do about the “epidemic”?

Taxing fattening foods to stop us from harming ourselves.

In response to all this overwhelming propaganda, Congress is considering a tax on junk food aimed at children and specific packaging codes and health warnings (modeled on those for cigarettes) for high fat and high sodium products. As if we don’t pay enough taxes.

A fax tax—where people would be taxed per every overweight pound

Seriously—I really hope these are jokes. They only thought of these things because they stand to make so much money off of these taxes (61% of Americans are overweight, and therefore will buy fatty/high sodium foods. Genious!)


But there are some deep, underlying reasons for this unjustifiable war:

The war on obesity, like the war on smoking, is all about protecting people from their own choices. Yet its Orwellian tacticians argue that their real aim is liberating people from the conditions that make them overeat.

It’s kind of like the reasoning behind the Iraqi war, right? Enough said.

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