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Floydina's Writing Portfolio

Lord Buddha and The Goddess: A Manifesto

Another Essay on Buddha and Eris

Lord Buddha is the only real deity.

How so?

Eris exists; but as all gods and goddesses, she is merely the anthropomorphic vision of energy; in her case the energy of Chaos and as a natural yang of order.

Buddha is real.

He existed and as a mere mortal earned Enlightenment and became a god.

We all can achieve Enlightenment; how and when is the mystery.

I believe in reincarnation, and believe that I am here for a higher purpose this life cycle.

I have been through pain and suffering, through hunger and loneliness, and it is all a part of my penance. I can but only hope that I can once again achieve Enlightenment and cast away my earthly desires…

In exchange for a better placement in the next life, I will continue to suffer and re-learn everything all over again until I get it right and understand why I am what I am right now. It’s a process, it’s a struggle; but a struggle worthwhile.

I will continue to help my fellow Man and live a good life.

If a Man seeks out my help, he shall have it as best as I can give it.

If a Man is Hungry, he shall have my plate of food.

If a Man seeks my forgiveness, he shall but ask for it and it shall be his.

If a Man needs my spiritual guidance and strength, he shall get it.

If a Man shall need a hug or a shoulder to cry on, he shall have it

If a Man should be lonely, I will be his friend

If a Man shall need advice, he will hear it and know that I judge him not.

This is my personal statement, and I shall hereby follow it wholeheartedly.

All Hail Eris; for without her, there is nothing and who wants that? She exists because we do, and we exist because of her, life is filled with dualities and we must learn to make them work for us.


In the name of Lord Buddha and Our Lady of Discord,

I aspire to see all the Fnords

And give myself wholly to The Struggle

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia! Will be my battle cry

As I delve into the Human psyche

And try to live my life objectively.

To all who ask,

To all who’d know

The Goddess is everywhere

And inside of us all.

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