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Floydina's Writing Portfolio

About Chaos Theory

An example of a Business/Personal Bio

What is [ChAoS tHeOrY]?

The brainchild of writer and artist Floydina White, [ChAoS tHeOrY] is a company that has plans for big things.

The company plans to:

Sell handmade scarves, bags, T-Shirts, wallets, and original pieces of jewelry

do Freelance Writing

Make collages (for commercial and private use)

and whatever other fantastical undertakings it might land itself into.

About the Creator

Floydina White is a 22 year old who has lived in New York City her whole life, minus a year spent in Rochester. She has worked in retail since she was 17 (doing mostly customer service and cashier bids), has been a writer since 1998, and was a Jewelry Specialist at Target while in Rochester.

She is a published writer, a respected columnist at Brooklyn College, a poet, a prolific Blog writer, and has even branched out to writing on the web.

She has always been interested in art and its many forms (when she was in junior high, she used to draw designs for clothing and bags; in high school she used to make and sell necklaces and bracelets).

But collages have always had a special place in her heart.

As a Discordian, the seemingly random aspect of bringing together things to make a uniform piece appealed to her. So one fateful (OK, boring) night, she decided to make a collage of her favorite things. It came out really well, and she got lots of positive feedback on it. She decided then and there to make a living out of it (among other things).

In thinking up a company, she decided to put all of her other loves into the same brand name:


She learned the basics when she was 11, and since then has branched out to learn many different patterns and techniques. She would make hats, bags, and scarves as gifts for people, who were impressed by her work (and at the fact she even knew how to crochet) and wanted her handmade crafts (because they didn't want to buy them in the village, where they are over-expensive and not too original anyway).


Anyone that knows Floydina (or Deena, as she is colloquially known) will tell you her taste in jewelry is...interesting. She always has marvelous pieces, and if she can get away with wearing two necklaces, she'll wear four. She mixes, matches, mis-matches---you name it. She likes being different, and this is more than obvious in her collection of baubles. She really started making her own jewelry because as a plus size teen, she could never find necklaces and bracelets (that she liked) to fit her. So, she'd buy two of whatever she liked, and would modify them. She then branched out to making her own stuff. "Why the hell not? Why should I give these people double the money when I can make it myself?" said Floydina.


Bags are another of Floydina's obsessions. At her peak, she had owned over 100 bags, and would have a bag for every occasion, outfit, or situation. She would buy a new bag every month...even it she had no use for it. Her love for all accessories prompted this quote:

"It's all about the accessories," said Floydina. "You can wear an outfit three days in a row; but once you change up the jewelry, belt, shoes, and bag, who would really notice?"

She has made many bags; most of them were crocheted, some were hand (or machine) sewn, and sometimes she would take apart old/cheap bags and make something different. She learned to sew around the time she learned to crochet; her mom was old-school and thought that as a girl, these skills would someday come in handy. And they have.


Floydina's love of writing manifested itself in Junior High. As an avid reader and self proclaimed bibliophile, she read some (in her opinion) really bad poetry and decided she could do better. She now has over 40 poems to her name, some of which has been published by (all of which is on her poetry site), and also won an award through the site. She then went on to be the Co-Editor-in-Chief of her high school yearbook, write a column for an award winning college paper (she also spent a year as Features Editor; thus reviving the section and doing it all from scratch), and got an essay published in a nationwide college textbook. She currently does freelance writing, and some of her work is featured on Room Tone, a Blog/Commentary site run, written, and geared towards 20-somethings.

The Company

Right now, the company is in its infancy. Floydina is currently working on several projects (the premiere of her new hand bag line, her collages, and several Freelance Writing projects for starters), and she is very pleased with the company‘s rapid progress.

The company has just premiered its “Just Ducky” handbag line, and it has been met with rave reviews. She projects it will be a major cornerstone in the accessory aspect of her business. She has plans to put out another line (this time of bags and T-Shirts) in the next few months.

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